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Optimal HRV is a great company founded by some amazing folks with a passion to help all people access HRV and easily share it with their practitioners. Optimal HRV is an easy to use app and has a webdash that practitioners/coaches or other professionals can use to access client readings instantaneously. Practitioners can view all patient readings, tags, biofeedback sessions and see all time and frequency domain measures. This app is the only mobile based way to assess you personal resonance frequency (RF) rate and that is a must if doing HRV-biofeedback training, which the app also offers. The Optimal HRV app has a great podcast and a group of people pushing HRV front and center. The app costs $6/month to use and currently requires a blutooth reader to use. And full disclosure, the owner of is also part owner of this app :)


Kubios is the name in high-end HRV biofeedback software for computers. Their app is great too, it is very easy to use and gives every HRV metric you could ever need. There is a nice "readiness" score given after readings with a gauge, type appearance that makes it easy to understand if the result is favorable or not. There is additional graphs showing trends with the metrics available too. This app is free and requires a bluetooth reader for use. 

This is one of the original HRV apps on the market and the founder is supercharged to change the world of sports performance using HRV. This app is constantly upgrading and shares some very unique insights for HRV. The app requires continuous use to be able to see various HRV metrics and trends. The app is easy to use and I recommend getting on their email list for some great HRV-related content. It costs $7.99 to purchase the app and it is your for life. There is a webdash available at a cost to coaches/trainers. This app can be used with a bluetooth reader or the phones camera can be used.


The other original HRV app on the market, Elite has a founder that is constantly bringing innovation to their app and runs a great HRV/Health podcast. This app is easy to use and gives nearly all the HRV metrics and tracks respirations. Taking a regular reading is easy, but finding the additional HRV data can be challenging as it requires several clicks. The trends are shown very clearly and easily. The free version of this app gives access to every feature. Coaches/trainers would need to pay to have groups using the app. Currently the app requires a bluetooth reader to use it.

This app is easy to use and has one of the most unique, fun user interfaces. The free version of the app works just fine but runs out in 7-days. Then it is behind a pay wall to continue the use of the app. The tech team is very responsive and seems very nice. Feedback is given in nearly every HRV metric with an explanation of what they mean. This app will connect with any open sources device or can use the phone camera for readings. 

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